Villas in Greece

To become the owner of your own home by the sea today is more real than ever! The company "Grekodom" provides a chance to become the owner of a villa in Greece and turn a dream into reality.

Villa with sea view is a great investment in real estate in sunny Hellas, which will help to forget about the autumn rains, winter frosts and dank spring, because Greece is a summer and warm country.

There are many places where nature pleases the eye, the clear sea and a wonderful atmosphere contribute to a wonderful life and rest.

If you are still wondering in which region to purchase your own property, which one it should be, we recommend to rent a villa in Greece so that your choice will be ideal!

It can be a villa with a swimming pool, with a view of the sea, with olive garden or a vineyard - the traditional attributes of a measured Greek life that will help to feel the unique atmosphere of an ancient country in your own home!


You can purchase a villa in any region of Greece, so before buying it is necessary to clearly understand the advantages of each of them:

  • Villas in Chalkidiki is the choice of those who prefer a fabulous holiday, because the peninsula is one of the most popular resorts of the country. And this is completely justified: the mountain ranges intersperse with the olive groves, colorful lakes with pine forests, and seaside resorts with historical sights;
  • Villa in Athens is an opportunity to be in the center of the vibrant cultural and economic life of the country. For those who can’t imagine their lives without being the metropolis, and at the same time want to live by the sea, it is worth paying attention to this option;
  • Villa in Corfu is the widest choice on a picturesque island, where the tourist season lasts from May to September. But, it is worth noting that Corfu is increasingly being chosen not only for summer holidays, but also as a permanent place of residence;
  • Villa in Crete is a chance to choose your unique cozy corner by the coast, which stretches for thousands of kilometers and attracts tourists from all over the world, so life here abounds in vitality summer and winter alike;
  • Villa in Elounda is the choice of those who want to live in the heart of Crete, enjoy the ancient history, picturesque views and calm calm sea. And also this village should be a choice of those who plan to come here with children - the beaches of Elounda are ideal for children of different ages

Villa in Greece is your chance to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and unhurried life at any time. And our company will select the best option for you at a reasonable price, arrange inspection of the selected property in Greece and assist you in preparing of the necessary documentation for purchase.

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