Websites for partners

Create your own web site quickly, easily, efficiently and, above all, cheaper than you could imagine!

The Company Grekodom Development is constantly updating and expanding its horizons and is ready to offer our partners something quite innovative - we undertake all the process of the creation of your company’s website!

All those who are engaged in the field of real estate are well aware that a practical, easy to manage and presentable website is one of the 3 key factors for success of any company, as this is the first contact of the customer with the company and the its product offered. A quality website is the main source from which the client receives the necessary information and, finally, frequently, the site is a determining factor when selecting a partner.

As a leader in this field for over 20 years and having the necessary experience, we advise how to convey the desired meaning as well as we assist you how to succeed.

With the creating of the website are engaged the specialists of our company with the ability to select the design to your liking and according to your requirements.

Why should you choose us?

• Together with the creation of the website as a bonus you get a database of properties for sale. To support your new effort, we provide you free of charge more than 20.000 properties in Greece and in Cyprus.

* This database can be configured later in accordance with your desires.

• The website is available in 5 languages ​​(English, Russian, Greek, German, Bulgarian).

• For those who are interested, we provide the search engine containing database of the hotel complexes and tourist trips to Greece and Cyprus.

• Website with convenient administration in your language.

• We offer a competitive price (we can say practically an exclusive one!). The whole package costs 300 euro.

Examples of our work:

We create websites for our partners only in English and Russian languages. Additionally the uploading of the properties' database (not the website), we can offer in other 4 languages (Russian/ English, Bulgarian, German, Greek). This service is for extra cost- 50 euro for each chosen language. For every question, please, address to the representatives of Grekodom Development company.

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