The Acropolis is in 2nd place in the list of places that everyone should visit.

According to CNN, there are  8 places around the world, that everyone must visit - and Acropolis is in 2nd place. The most famous ancient monuments in Europe, whose construction dates back to the V century BC. e. Despite the rise and fall of the steps, this beautiful place is still decorating  the ancient hills of Athens.
Together with the Acropolis,  the new Acropolis Museum and Mount Lycavitos  (with charming views of the whole of Athens) are also considered very popular places.
In 1st place is the Taj Mahal, while historic London Underground owns the 3rd place. The 4rth place is occupied by Sacre - Coeur Basilica in Paris and the 5th is the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Last but not least is the Grand Canyon in the United States.

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