Is it possible to buy a property in Greece, without leaving your home country?

If you ever asked yourself this question, the representatives of Grekodom confidently answer: Yes, it is possible!

To do this, you just have to decide to purchase a property in Greece. If this is the country you like and you'd like to buy a holiday home or a house for a permanent residence of the future, then visit one of our company's offices for details of future transactions. When the property is selected, but you cannot yourself come to Greece, then we undertake the whole preparation of the documents and more specifically we- assure power of attorney drawn up to our regular Greek lawyers with an  Apostille stamp, (legalized document in Europe). Then our colleagues in Greece, begin the process of verifying the legal purity of documents, collect all the necessary certificates and certificates obtained tax identification number, fill the Declaration and record contract and the Bar Register of real estate. All information about the work done, we sent to the buyer by email. After collecting all the documents, you need only to transfer money to the seller.

Execution and registration of ownership of real estate in Greece is a transparent, verifiable and public process and is subject to both the Greek and EU legislation, where Greece is a full member since January 1981.


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