Thassos- Greece's Best Kept Secret!

Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, near the northern coast of Greece, sits the island of Thassos. Here you can immerse yourself in a breath-taking natural environment and get to know a laid-back culture that warmly welcomes every visitor. Thassos is also called the Emerald Island,  being a place of fascinating beauty. It has a rich history and archaeological sites scattered throughout the island. One can combine amusement with archaeological interests so long as there are monuments remaining since its glory days from the past.
Thassos is mountainous and densely wooded. The lower slopes of the mountain, covered by pine forests and olive groves, seem to tumble into to sea, all around the 100km long perimeter road of the island with the beautiful coastline, the numerous beaches , the captivating inlets and estuaries.

Getting there

By boat
One can take a ferry or a flying dolphin from Keramoti to Limenas (35 minutes) or from Kavala to Prinos’ port (75 minutes).
By plane
From “Great Alexander” Chrisoupoli (Kavala) airport, at about 18km from the port town of Keramoti.
From “Macedonia” Thessaloniki airport, at only 170 km away from Kavala’s port.
Both of the above mentioned airports are international. Please, check for direct flights to them, or fly to Athens and then to one of them.

So... Treat yourself to a truly unique and unforgettable holiday in Greece, visit Thassos!!!


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