Your beachfront house!

What is the most attracting thing in buying a property in Greece? Primarily, of course, the presence of the sea, the mountains, the sun and the beautiful beaches.

Greek market favorably differs from the other real estate markets in the sea that has the longest total shoreline,  offering  quality accommodation and European security. Coastline in Greece, together with all the islands - has more than 15 thousand kilometers of the cleanest beaches in Europe. For example, in Italy the coastline is about 7.000 km. Most European countries, particularly Bulgaria, already is experiencing overcrowding coastline, but Greece is not threatened by this problem.

For buyers in the country of gods and myths proximity to the sea and the view of its azure waves -is one of the most important parameters of choice. In addition, for property buyers in Greece one of the most important aspects is the friendly attitude of the Greeks, based on a common religion: Greek Orthodox Christians, churches in every village.

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