Lower prices for mobile roaming rates

   Another reduction of mobile roaming rates announced this week the European Union.
EU commissioners, who are responsible for communications in the territory of 28 countries, set maximum permissible roaming prices and each mobile operator is entitled to set its tariff policy based on this restriction. So, from July 1, 2014 price "ceiling" for roaming between the EU is set as follows (in parentheses change compared with 2013 year) + VAT, which is different in different countries:
 - Outgoing calls: 0.19 euro / min (-21%)
 - Incoming calls: 0.05 euro / min (-28.5%)
 - Send SMS: 0.06 euro / message (- 55.5%)
 - Mobile internet: 0.20 euro / Office (-55.5%)
As reported in the EU Commission's Communication and connection, the next step will be completely reset of roaming tariffs, the Europeans paid at a price of mobile operators in their countries without any extra charges.

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