The flow of tourists on the island of Zakynthos

According to information on the island of Zakynthos Port, on the first month of the summer, a lot more tourists visited the beautiful island, than last year.
In particular, the port in Killeen, registered  about 44.621 passengers and 9.015 cars. In the same period -last year on the island, there were about 38.331 passengers and 7.122 vehicles.
Zakynthos island is considered to be one of the most wonderful islands in Greece! Unspoiled natural beauty, scenic views, lush and rich variety of colors, miles of golden beaches - all  these make Zakynthos  the ''gorgeous flower of the Mediterranean''.  Everywhere on the island you feel the aroma of coniferous forests, lush blossoming plants, citrus and grapes.
However, the most important landmark of Zakynthos is considered the huge sea turtles Carreta Carreta-listed in the Red Book.


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