How to get a residence permit in Europe!

How to get a residence permit in Europe? What are the challenges I will face in obtaining a residence permit? How much shall the property I purchase cost in order to get a residence permit?

These and other issues relating to obtaining residence permit in Greece, customers usually ask  Grekodom Development specialists on real estate consultations.

So, from the beginning:

Let's suppose you have set a goal to get a residence permit in Greece, one of the prerequisites for obtaining it, is to purchase a property in Greece, and here it is necessary to distinguish between two basic ways:

1. Automatic obtaining of a residence permit when buying a property  in excess of 250,000 euro. In this case, the property owner and his immediate family (spouse, minor children) gets automatically a five-year residence permit, passing the step of obtaining a visa  «D». It is also worth to mention that in the case of resale of the property, residence permit is revoked.

2. When buying property, which costs less than 250.000 euro, a residence permit for the owner and his family is also available, but its validity is for two years with the possibility of extension for another three. But in this case there is another link, you need to obtain a visa  «D» and afterwards apply for a residence permit. Cost of purchased property can be any - even 10.000 euro! And it is totally realistic to purchase such a cheap property in Greece. Over the past few years, in Greece, property prices significantly decreased by an average of 30 - 50%, but at the same time the choice of objects offered for sale, has increased significantly.

Similar opportunities, for obtaining a residence permit,  provide other European countries, however, the price threshold entry into them is much higher. For example, in Spain - the cost of the purchased property must exceed 500.000 euro,  in Bulgaria, which is part of the EU but not part of the Schengen zone - 300.000 euro and in Portugal - 500.000.

If you dream of your own home in a resort town, apartment with a breathtaking  sea view, use the services of professionals. Grekodom Development company's experts , a member of the largest Greek holding Mouzenidis Group, provide free advice on purchase and sale transactions, leasing, construction and after-sales service and property in Greece. The company's lawyers will assist in the preparation of documents for a residence permit in Greece and submitting documents to the immigration authorities. More familiar with all the nuances possible with the support of a competent real estate market experts at the company's offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and, of course, Greece.
Customers who have purchased property in the company Grekodom, get perks: property management, discount airline tickets and vip-service, service at health centers in Greece, etc. In addition, there is another bargain option: with the purchase of exclusive properties from Grekodom Development - you get a"residence permit -as  a gift!"

Trust the professionals of Grekodom Development, let your dreams of a happy life in Greece come true!

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