If it is not in Chalkidiki... then where is it?

As every year, Chalkidiki in early August gets crowded by travelers. Thousands of residents of Thessaloniki visit every weekend  the gorgeous beaches of the popular resort of Northern Greece in search of a short and economical breath of fresh air and coolness.

Apart from a small swim at a nearby beach in the suburbs or in Chalkidiki, Olympic Riviera or Asprovalta, there are those who turn  to travel agencies, seeking for for recreation on the Aegean Islands. According to Union tourism organizations, this year there is a decline in prices for packages (10-15%). Traditionally attractive (due to direct air traffic) for "northerners" are Crete,  Santorini and Mykonos. Cyclades and more specifically islands of Paros, Naxos and Tinos are becoming more popular day by day.

Most visitors prefer  ​​tours for 4-5 days (as opposed to last year's multi-day tours for a period more than a week), giving preference to the most economical options. Booking a hotel room on August is impossible, there are options of rental housing, but in this "hot" in every sense period on the islands is almost impossible to find available apartments, many of them are already reserved since May.



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