On Crete found evidence of ancient navigation in the world

In the area of Plakias on the south coast of Crete have been found evidence showing ancient navigation in the world. Shipping existed on the island more than 130 thousand years ago, then to Crete sailed Neanderthals.

A team of scientists from the American School of Classical Studies and Greek representatives Inspections Paleoanthropology-Speleology found interesting Paleolithic sites, confirming the existence of shipping already in that period. So far, traces of human habitation on the island dated between 7.000-3.000 BC.

Although the inhabitants of the island were engaged in agriculture, their main activity was shipping. Conducted trade with Asia, Africa and the islands of the Cyclades. Islanders have prospered largely due to their ability to trade. At the same time, up to the Mycenaean period contacts with mainland Greece was minimal. Using a key geographical position, the Cretans have laid the foundation for the future of the Minoan civilization.

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