Legendary Corfu

In Greece, there are many, beautiful, unique, historic sites. Greek history is full of myths and legends. And one these legends is really worth to mention. Legends of love at all times attract and fascinate people's minds and when there is a possibility no one will miss this opportunity!

There is on the north coast of Corfu (Kerkyra), a bright and cheerful village of Sidari, which was once a fishing village, known only to the Greeks, one of the first settlements on the island. Now it is a well-known resort town, which is couples, families and lovers love for its noisy parties. Sidari has a very beautiful coastline. Erosion of waves and wind in the cliffs of white sandstone has created several coastal tunnels and caves.

The most famous passage between two rocks, which is known not only in Greece, but also far beyond its borders, is called the Love Canal (Canal d'Amour). Legend says that once upon the time  the two rocks that now constitute a small creek in the shape of a heart, were lovers. Due to their happiness they caused anger and jealousy of the gods, so they decided to separate the lovers, turning them into stone arrays, which encircle the canal.

Since then there is a belief that if people love each other together and they swim through the Bay - then their love will last forever and if a person has not yet found his soul mate, but he really wants, then he must swim through the washed  rock arch.

The length of the beach is not more than 20 meters. Due to the fact that on all sides it is surrounded by a stone, it is never wavy and the water is always warm and all that - in the midst of the picturesque scenery.

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