Greece wins at the alternative tourism

CNN channel conducted a report on alternative tourism in Greece, where, as it turned out, the country occupies a leading position in particular mentioned tours for collecting snails, graffiti, tours to medieval fortresses and religious trips, as well as Greek cooking lessons.

Alternative tourism in Greece is able to attract more audience of tourists. Derogation from the usual stereotypes enables tour operators to gain speed, while companies in other countries are going bankrupt.

For example, in the Old Town of Rhodes tourists gather around the moat, which ordered the burial of Suleiman the Great in 1522, during the siege. The tour guide gets dressed in the form of the Knights of St. John.

To someone next idea may seem a little folksy, but it was a smart business move by the creators of the resort «Lindian Village», which organizes fishing on a traditional boat, as well as wishing to offer beauty treatments based on natural products of the island and  wine tasting in the vineyards surrounded by the islands of Dodecanese. Hotel manager Marisa Sviriadi said that while the country was in crisis and many companies went bankrupt, they decided to show everyone that in Greece there is a lot of amazing things, and not just ... feta! The crisis has forced people to change their thinking and become more entrepreneurial.

Athens also decided, in addition to the traditional tourist visit the ancient Acropolis, to organize walks through the streets of the city, so that people can feel their amazing atmosphere and at the end of the day spend the evening cooking gourmet.

Another small family-owned company is actively promoting its small, but home-island of Milos, personal incentive tourists underwater caves, hot springs, pirate lair and catacombs with Christian murals. Recently, it has also introduced cooking classes for those wishing to learn how to cook local dishes.

Greece - a country that allows everyone to be surprised and discover the world ... every day!

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