Museum of the Peloponnese - the revival of Sparta!

"The new museum will be the final link of Sparta High Museum of Peloponnese, linking the living museum space with a very important for the development of ancient Greece,  historical monument," - said the perfect tense of the Peloponnese, Mr. Petros Tatulis at the opening of the place where the new museum will be built.

  "Our goal - Sparta, the creation of the modern museum, worthy of historical heritage," - said Mr. Tatulis and added that "the Ministry of Culture should take responsibility and do everything possible for the completion of the excavation and the reclassification of the building Himofiks (we are talking about an old factory building, which is transferred to the Museum - Ed.) "

  The departure of Peloponnese, after being informed about the progress of the project sites, noted that the region of the Peloponnese will provide financial assistance for the implementation of further excavation of antiquities.

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