Velvet Chanson on Pelloponnese

From September 26 to October 2, on the picturesque peninsula of Peloponnese will take place a  famous musical festival. Best artists of the genre - a real favorite of the public, collecting today the biggest concert halls, will participate in the "Velvet Chanson - 2014".

Alexander Rosenbaum, Alexander Novikov,  Michael Shoufoutinski, Kaaterina Golitsina and other stars every day will easily communicate with the public at the hotel and on the beach, sign autographs, participate in photo shoots, fun competitions, sports and intellectual quizzes.
Each night of the festival - a new recital stars chanson, sincere dialogue with the audience of artists, the best songs and vibrant musical premiere.
The extensive program includes daytime, evening and nightly entertainment with the artists of the concert: beach competitions, swimming, karaoke contests, incendiary disco.


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