Corfu - a paradise for gourmets!

   When we talk about Greece, we imagine beaches of extraordinary beauty, azure sea, the monuments of ancient architecture, friendly smiling people. And of course we all love Greek cuisine, its scope, an unimaginable number of flavors, where even the most demanding gourmet will find a dish to their liking. Who has ever been here, always remembers the famous "Greek salad", "moussaka" cheese "feta", kebabs - "souvlaki" meze (appetizers), seafood, Greek pies "pita" and many other national dishes.

   On the east coast of Corfu, there is one very comfortable, elegant place where God reigns and cooking, a recognized master of the world, cooking masterpieces of culinary art - Ettore Botrini.

   If you are going to spend a romantic date or just admire the beautiful views, the restaurant "Etrusco" is what you need. The restaurant is small but very beautiful garden that will complement a fabulous atmosphere. The menu here is very diverse  and is sure to satisfy the needs of every client. The chef loves grandiose tasting and is very carefully in choosing ingredients for their culinary masterpieces.

    Many celebrities when choosing a restaurant, just stay on the "Etrusco". For several years in a row "Etrusco" receives the award as the best restaurant in Greece, it has already become a landmark and pride of Corfu and Ettore Botrini for the second year in a row becomes the owner of the highest award in the field of Greek gastronomy prize "Golden Cap."

    For anyone who wants to wake up with a smiling sun, enjoy the sea breeze and admire the beauty of the Greek landscape, for those who want every day feed sweetly on  the culinary delights of Greek cuisine, the Company's employees Grekodom Development, are always happy to offer their services and choose the "Dream House" for your entire family!

Address of the office of Grekodom Development on Corfu - st. Ethnikis Paleokastritsas 39A, tel. +30 26610 48049


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