Unknown paradise islands!

Near the island of Evia, is a cluster of little fairy islets, which were formed as a result of a strong earthquake, thousands of years ago. The islands are a great place to explore and relax.

The biggest area of them is an island called Strongili, rich of sandy beaches with all necessary amenities. An abundance of food to satisfy all tastes. Foodies can indulge in seafood and meat dishes prepared in the best traditions of Greek cuisine, and of course feast on local sweets.

This area provides the opportunity to divers tempting research.

To get to this fabulous place it is necessary to cover the distance of 30 kilometers from the island of Evia. The road runs through the sea of ​​green forest and pleasing to the eye. There are daily routes by boat from the port of Agios Georgios and of Kamena Vourla. In the absence of private boats, boat-taxi "Τα είδα ολα" (He who has seen everything) brings you to the destination for a nominal fee.

Not a few important fact for animal lovers is that a dear family of fur seals had chosen one of the islands for permanent residence.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this paradise of Eden and the experience will stay with you for lifetime!

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