Russian students receiving education in the field of tourism, will be able to practice in Greece

Ministry of Education and Tourism of Greece announced the launch of a new direction for bachelors in the specialty "Tourism" for foreign students. There is a need for the development of university education in tourist destinations primarily due to the positive dynamics of development of tourism in the country, announces the portal "Russian Athens."

Now Russian students studying on tourist professions practice in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Egypt. However, the ministries of education and tourism in Greece believe that educational practice in Greece, a favorite vacation spot of the Russians, will benefit both the Russian and Greek students.

On the orientation of Russian tourists is the fact that the Russian language was introduced in the number of compulsory foreign languages ​​in the departments of tourism in higher education in Greece.

 The holding of  Mouzenidis is the leader in such actions, by giving every year the opportunity for more than 200 students from Russia, to practice their studies in Tourism at Greece. Hotel guides and transfer guides are the workplaces a student can apply for.

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