5 of the Best Places to Live in Greece

Fancy moving to Greece, but are you undecided on where to buy? Here are the top five places in Greece that you should definitely check out before buying anywhere in Greece. Corfu, Athens, Delphi, Crete and Chalkidiki are listed as the best places to visit in Greece. Popular with tourists as well as potential property buyers, these areas offer something for everyone and make great holiday destinations as well as making it your new home! Whether you want to stay on mainland Greece or one of its many beautiful islands, each of these five destinations are easily accessible all year round.


Chalkidiki is a popular tourist destination and a place that many tourists fall in love with and choose to purchase property here too. Although many of the properties on the market keep their price, there are still some reasonably priced beauties to be found if you know where to look. Find the right estate agent or ask a local to help you find the house of your dreams at a local price and you will indeed find the perfect place for you! These days in Chalkidiki, a plot of land at 3, 000 square metres, situated near to the beach and airport will set you back a pricey 290, 000 Euros. Where as a stunning, luxury three bedroom, three bathroom villa in the countryside will cost you a reasonable 240, 000 Euros, with no need for renovation.


The beautiful island of Corfu, where the olives and lemons grow all around you whilst you enjoy a laid back way of life in the glorious sunshine of the island. Like its sister islands, Corfu offers magnificent scenery, beauty and fantastic weather! If you're looking to buy here on this island, plots of land can still be snapped up at great prices, allowing you an excellent oppurtunity to create your own dream home. A plot of land measuring 630 square metres, situtated a short drive away from the nearest airport, will cost the small sum of 25, 000 Euros. For 40, 000 Euros, you can also find properties in need of renovation which are located close to beaches and just a short drive away from the nearest airport. But if you feel that perhaps renovating is not up your street, then you will be relieved to know that there are also some bargain village properties available for as little as 50, 000 Euros, which will get you a spacious 2 bedroom, newly renovated village house that located just a short drive away from the major towns and resorts.


Crete is the largest of all the Greek islands and a favourite with property buyers and tourists. Known for its healthy lifestyle and delicious cuisine, property in Crete is slightly more expensive than on the other surrounding islands, due to its popularity. However, in Central Crete, you will find some excellent properties at low prices! A fully renovated six bedroom, two bathroom property, just 15-20Km away from a beach or airport will cost you as little as 165, 000 Euros! If you are looking for a decent sized plot of land with great sea views, you can find such plots with a total area of 4, 700 square metres of land for a total of 150, 000 Euros with the potential of building your own home with a view! But if you fancy splashing your cash on a luxury three bedroom Cretian villa with magnificent sea views and situated close to beaches, airports and the local town, this will set you back a pricey 700, 000 Euros.


Situated in the centre of mainland Greece, Delphi is known for its archealogical sites. Delphi is rich in history and Greek culture, making it an excellent spot to relocate to. Favoured by many keen historians, tourists and more recently, property buyers, Delphi is considered to be one of the most popular historical and archealogical attraction in Greece. If you fancy starting your new life in this cultural, historical part of Greece you can still find many reasonable priced properties and land on the property market.


Who could forget the Greek capital of Athens?! It is said that you can only really appreciate the city when you see it from the city's eight hills. Nicely incorporating a mixture of Greek history and culture with todays modern aspects and the Greek nature and beauty, Athens is a wonderful place to visit and live. The wonderful thing about Athens is that the city's heritage is still remembered, whilst also keeping up to date with modern society. Many people live in apartments in the city and a 3 bedroom apartment, with 1 bathroom on 95 metres squared will cost you about 180, 000 Euros.

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