Days of Russian Ballet in Athens

On 8, 9 and 10th of September, in the ancient theater "Herod" on the Acropolis in Athens will be on tour the Ballet Theatre of Yuri Grigorovich - for residents and visitors of the Greek capital will be presented the classic version of the ballet "Spartacus" (September 8) and "Giselle" (9-10 September ).

Spartacus - passionate and pretentious tragedy on a historical subject with an abundance of contemporary allusions. Classical dance, represented in all the splendor and variety of forms, in a new production has become a major, if not the only means of expression. It is a classical dance, reigned in the monologues, duets, crowd scenes - virtuosic and powerful, imbued with feeling and thought.

Giselle- a romantic story of tragic love. Giselle is simply mesmerizing. The greatness of love, the sublime and enlightened sense reminds us that true feelings last forever!


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