Below sea level is a new metro station of Piraeus

The new station in the district of Piraeus will be located next to the old branch of the subway ISAP (ΗΣΑΠ), built at the beginning of the last century, just 30 meters from the beach. This will require the construction of special equipment, which begins in the coming days. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Hrisohoidis emphasized that these changes will improve the structure of the entire port of Piraeus.

Judging by the rather complex project for the construction of the new station and the reconstruction of the old buildings have been invited to the best experts to make the right decisions on further work. It was decided to build a dividing wall at a depth of 40 meters -15 meters from the tunnel, which will act as a dike, taking the brunt of the sea water. And also will be given special attention on the reconstruction of the building and protect it from a possible drawdown after pumping groundwater.

Construction of a new metro line in the direction of Piraeus began in March 2012 and its completion is expected in 2017. It is anticipated that the new metro radically will make life easier for residents of areas of Piraeus, Nikea, Koridollos and Manyatika. Construction of the tunnel is moving at a speed of about 15 meters per day and is expected to speed connection to the station under construction Korydallos (second on the branch), about the early to mid-December. The new branch will serve about 132,000 passengers every day, resulting in a total passenger Athens metro will exceed $ 1 million per day. After the opening of the new station port of Piraeus will be directly connected by subway to the airport, the route will take about 45 minutes.

 In addition, it is estimated that on the roads of the capital will move to 23 thousand cars less than it is now, that would be sensitive contribution to the improvement of the ecological situation in the region!


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