Residential Property in Greece or a profitable investment!

Greece real estate market is developing steadily and annually attracts the interest of a growing number of foreign investors not only for affordable prices, profitable and prestigious investment of capital in relation to the location of the object, but also a unique opportunity to own visible in the modern world and at the same time to feel the presence of the spirit of antiquity and the centuries-old culture.

It is indisputable that the purchase of real estate embedding into the economy of the country, provides a significant advantage in obtaining a visa, as well as increases the guarantee of its holder to receive a residence permit as an economically independent citizen.
Acquisition in Greece residential, commercial real estate, land plot, other real property - it is a reliable investment opportunity with the consequent possibility of reselling or renting the property.

According to the changes in the Greek legislation for citizens of non-EU countries widened the possibility of acquiring real estate in the border regions of Greece, and the procedure for registration of the transaction became simplified - there is no need to obtain special permission from the Ministry of Defense of Greece.

In the course of economic change in the Republic, appeared loyal spectrum cost and favorable conditions for the acquisition of Greek building land, commercial real estate, residential or resort and entertainment complexes, as well as individual houses on the coasts and in the mountainous parts of the mainland and islands.

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