The velvet season in Greece!

According to the British newspaper Telegraph, Greece is considered as one of the trends for autumn travel. Magic autumn adorns unsurpassed natural landscape of Greece palette of bright colors, mixing the sun with gentle hints of clouds. Constantly changing images of picturesque landscapes allow tourists to reveal the romantic side of his soul and make a trip through the beautiful Greek places where great thoughts and pleasant feelings fill your hearts. As reported in the newspaper, several islands of the Cyclades, Crete and Rhodes offer as a place where one can enjoy the sun, sea and beauty at affordable prices. Journalist and responsible for Tourism Nick Trend calms readers who did not have still a chance to relax in the sun - to do it is not too late. Although the weather forecast is not easy, but in a few places in the Mediterranean Sea just can relax at competitive prices. Of places such as Sardinia and Mallorca, the author identifies several island of the Cyclades, Crete and Rhodes.

Cyclades Islands offer a wide range of places: this is Mykonos, which is suitable for hedonistic fun in glamorous restaurants and the amazing beauty of Santorini, and the most peaceful and quiet Paros and Naxos, which can be visited in early September. And yet, in the last days of September, according to the Telegraph, it is best to go to Crete, and in the beginning of October - to Rhodes, where, as a rule, there are plenty of hotels at very reasonable prices and of course the beauty of the island more accessible knights without the crowds tourists who precipitated it at the end of August.

  Do not miss the opportunity to visit this unique country, learn its distinctive traditions, try the local cuisine, to pay tribute to the rich history, which is amazing, visit ancient museums and temporary exhibitions, to feel the real local flavor.

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