Autumn - time for investment in Greek real estate

Greece is one of the leading places in the world in the field of tourism and attracting investment in business properties, such as hotels.
Tourism accounts for 15% of national GDP and 18% of jobs in Greece. This sector has grown considerably in recent years and continues to be attractive for investment.

The number of tourists vacationing in Greece this year has already exceeded 20 million.

According to these data, of course, there is a steady increase in demand for tourist facilities and residential real estate - hotels, tourist and residential complexes, marinas - clubs, etc.

Development and creation of new objects of hotel real estate - Hotels Resort - is one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the tourism sector worldwide.

The Greek government is encouraging the development of tourism infrastructure. According to the Law on Investment Promotion (Development Act), with an investment in the tourism industry, it is possible to recover some of the costs incurred. Government grants are between 20-40%, and under certain conditions, up to 60%. Percentage of subsidies depends on the region in which you invest. Returns subsidized amount in equal parts and strictly defined, in accordance with the investment plan.

Greece - a well-known brand and a year-round destination, there is all that is needed to the investor - gorgeous beaches and exceptional landscapes with breathtaking views, rich sightseeing opportunities, the presence of a large number of historical attractions, Mediterranean gastronomy and of course the hospitality of the Greeks, attract large numbers of tourists every year.

The Grekodom Development  company has everything you need for a successful investment and future business!

Greece - an ideal solution for international investors seeking opportunities of doing business and investment in one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


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