Plots in Amphipolis on high demand for investors

These days, there is an increased interest for plots of land in the region of Amphipolis. This is due to the fact that in this region are actively conducted archaeological excavations on the hill caste.

Many investors are interested in buying a property in these areas, as over time this will become an attractive region for thousands of tourists. Prices for this period are very low, but over according to prediction, over time, there will be a high jump in the prices.
Of course, the development of the region will not happen quickly. According to many agencies that offer plots for sale in this region, there is a high demand of clients. Many investors find it attractive in terms of doing business. A small village of Serres has received investment proposals for the construction of hotels, shops and other infrastructure. There remains only one question- how to position a local product to sale it successfully. Previously, such land didn't have big demand, and now many owners raise their prices up to 5,000 euro. But there are also those who are in no hurry to raise prices and expect the end of the excavation to Amphipolis.

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