Austrians praise the island of Crete

"The southernmost island in Europe enchants with its natural beauty. Wild gorges, majestic mountains,  beautiful sea- all these Crete offers to its tourists. In addition to the natural beauty of Crete you can also feel true luxury, "- said the author of a laudatory article about traveling to Crete, published in the Austrian newspaper " Kronen Zeitung ".

"Getting to Crete, because of its scale, can be tedious, but the reward is a hundredfold more than fatigue. Because it is very beautiful, fascinating place, where you will meet the most hospitable, happy and very proud people ", - emphasized in the article.
This article introduces its readers to the northern coast of the island, which still harbors secrets for the mass tourist.
The author describes cities like Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos, which, despite the mass tourism, are still intact, with the monuments of the Greek Minoan culture, monastic complexes, having witnessed pride and hard nature of the Cretans who fought against foreign invaders.

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