New rules for the buildings

Significant change in the rules of the buildings, brings the decision of the Ministry of Environment. Specifically, the legislation would provide that there is no longer need the approval of a majority of the General Assembly apartment owners of the building  for someone to refuse using central heating and instead use another form of energy. Thus households will be closed central heating and driven autonomously, eg using natural gas. With this setting, individual building owners will be able to install individual gas burners in their apartments and to wean from oil central heating. Note that the owner will be able to make the necessary work to connect to natural gas without also need approval of the majority of the General Assembly of Owners. The gas boiler is usually placed on the balcony and attached to an external line, and has moderate dimensions- except for economical heating, also provides hot water for the bath and kitchen. Applicants should be aware that often requires some intervention on water pipes which are connected with the most individual boiler heating ensuring full independence.


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