Owners of residence permit in Greece

According to the Migration Service of Greece, from the beginning of this year, the owners of the Greek residence became more than 430 people, the residence permit has been issued for five years, due to the fact that the sum of investments in real estate amounted to more than 250 000 euros.

Speaking at the 15th Conference on Real Estate Development, Deputy Minister Disclaimer Mitarakis said that by the end of 2014 is likely to decrease the amount of value of the property to receive automatic residency to 200.000 euros.

To date, the number of foreign nationals who have invested funds in real estate and obtain a residence permit for a period of five years was 436 people.

185 people on the list are citizens of Russia, 119 Chinese and 33 Egyptians.

In the process of issuing a residence permit are currently still 83 people.


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