Greece is a popular destination for Germans in the autumn

Greece remains in first place of the Germans after the end of the summer season. The main reason is the good price - quality. Greece and Tunisia are among the favorite tourist destinations of the Germans for the autumn, according to the travel website
At the top of the preferences is still Mallorca.
"Due to the economic recovery and the security and political stability in recent years, travelers trust the country again. Moreover, Greece persuades travelers culture and unspoiled natural beauty - especially in the fall can be a wonderful experience, "explains the head of public relations Bettina Lemezir.
United won the Rhodes appears that prefer extensively tourists as by geography continues to have wonderful weather. The relative ranking of the website Rhodes has climbed seven places compared to last year, namely, from 13th to 6th.
Even more popular is Crete that occupies the fourth position in the relative ranking of the top destinations of customers Two other Greek islands are among the 20 most popular destinations online company providing tourist services: the 17th Kos and Corfu in the 20th.

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