49th Festival of "Demetria" in Thessaloniki

"Demetria", the historical Cultural Festival  of Thessaloniki city, held this year in the 49th time. Within one month, at the festival, in the northern capital will be concerts, performances, exhibitions,  master classes, seminars and special events at various venues in the city with the participation of Greek and foreign artists.

Opening program of the 49th Festival "Demetrius" provides a tour-night stroll through the Thessaloniki accompanied famous musicians, with a demonstration of art.

Evening opening will begin at 22.00 on the Emporia area and ends at the amphitheater of the Roman Agora festive concert running Lakis Tzimkasa.

More information about the program of the festival can be found on the website www.dimitria.thessaloniki.gr


 from September 25 to October 29, 2014
Opening: September 25, at 22.00
Venue: Thessaloniki

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