Towards new tourism record of 2015

<<A year by year improvement>>. This is approximately how the situation being shaped up with regrards to the tourism season in Greece, which, especially for the year 2015, is anticipated to be even better than that of 2014, which did set a record! A series of strong clues are piled up in favour of the argument above, starting from heightened bookings from conventional markets, like those of Germany and Great Britain, and coming up to a developed presence – at the highest level – of worldwide known tourism factors in our country, during the last days.

The start was made by the head of TUI and the CEO of the InterContinental Hotels Group is about to take the lead. We are talking about Richard Solomons, who is currently located in Greece to participate in the works of the European convention of the holding which will manifest itself for the first time in our country. It is estimated that over 700 members of the holding, from all over the world, will be present at the conference. The summit is about to commence today, it is the most updated of its kind in the last years and there is even the possibility of mr. Solomons meeting with the prime minister, Antonis Samaras.

Greece, for the upcoming year, is expected to draw even a higher number of tourists and that fact is what the international holdings are “running” to catch up with and who are doing their best at establishing the strongest possible “bases” in our country …

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