Sanctions and foreign real estate in Greece: no reasons for the purchase delay

The experts do not share the concerns of those who postpones decision on buying property abroad because of sanctions and political instability. Experience as well as practice proves that these circumstances do not constitute a reason to delay the acquisition. The international climate does not impact negatively on the benefits and opportunities that are offered to buyers of overseas property in Greece. Moreover, there are reasons not only to postpone the purchase, but hurry up with it. Real Estate is a reliable investment of funds. Investment in real estate is safer than depositing in the form of securities, gold or cash. You acquire a material object, not virtual assets. You are free to dispose your property as well as rent it out or sell later on. Property abroad is the "alternate airfield" for you and your loved ones. Buying property in Europe, you will not only save the funds for you and your children, but also insure your family in the event of disasters in your country.

Residence permit for property buyers. Residence permit in Greece gives the right of free movement on the territory of Europe and is granted with the purchase of any property in Greece.

Regular rental income. By renting out an apartment or house abroad, you ensure a steady income, protected from fluctuations of the ruble.

Protection from the instability of the ruble. During the period less than a year the ruble lost 20% of its value, and the Russian real estate prices dropped almost as much. Experts do not predict a strengthening of the domestic currency in the foreseeable future, however Ruble assets can be saved by the immediate investment in overseas property.

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