Louvre Museum hosts first-ever exhibition of ancient Rhodian art

The Louvre Museum inaugurated an exhibit devoted to the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes on Friday which will run to February 10, 2015. 

According to the museum site, the exhibition "highlights the cultural mix of Rhodes, a land of trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. It also provides an opportunity to rediscover the Orientalist nature of Rhodian art through some of its most spectacular productions, particularly its gold and silver works, unique to Greece, and its faience with ties to Egypt and the Levant." 

Rhodes, a Greek Island and Gateway to the East" brings together artefacts from four institutions: the British Museum (80 items), that of Copenhagen (30), the Louvre (120) and the Rhodes Museum (150), covering Rhodian art from the 14th century BC (Bronze Age) to the 6th century BC (Archaic period). The artefacts were excavated by archaeological teams of five nationalities who have worked on the island - Danish, English, French, Greek and Italian.


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