The Ski Resorts of Greece - Kaimaktsalan

Greece is enchanting country. Every season is special here and opens a whole new facet of country. And if summer charms us with the picturesque beaches, winter challenges us to conquer indescribable mountain landscape. When the white snow covers the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Central or North Greece mountain slopes, the Ski Centers welcome lovers of winter sports and activities. One of the best ski resorts in Greece is Kaimaktsalan.

Kaimaktsalan ski resort is situated on the slopes of Mt Voras in Greece. It is 660 km from Athens, 140 km from Thessaloniki and 45 km from Edessa, the capital of Pella prefecture. The view is breathtaking, since you can see as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Mt. Olympos, and lake Vegoritida. It is one of the highest ski resorts in Greece. The base of the resort stands at 2018 m with the highest  lift reaching the altitude of 2480 meters. Skiers can enjoy a vertical drop of 460 meters. The resort has 6 lifts and 12 slopes of total distance of 15 kilometers approximately. Some of the slopes are verified by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S) dedicated for alpine ski competitions. Another attractive advantage of the resort is the snow park that gathers the youth and invites the more extreme riders of the mountain.The surroundings of the winter resort includes many historic sites and famous places of archeological significance. Within a short distance from the resort lies ancient Pella, the glorious capital of the Macedonian kingdom, with its impressive archaeological site, and its very interesting museum. The historic Archangelos Monastery, and the beautiful city of Edessa with its widely known waterfalls.The famous thermal springs of Loutraki are located at the foot of Mount Voras.


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