Christmas Park "Asterokozmos" ("Star World") in heart of Thessaloniki

Christmas Park "Asterokozmos" ("Star World") in Thessaloniki officially began its work on Saturday, December 13th.

Winter Forest, the village of Agios Vasilis (Greek Santa Claus), workshop of toys, interactive and fabulous shops, the biggest amusement park, two ice rinks of  600 sq m and daily theatrical, acrobatic and musical events - just some of the spectacular sights "Asterokozmosa." The Chocolate Factory and Chocolate Museum  which will house an impressive chocolate tree are fully ready for the Holidays as well.

"Asterokozmos 2014":

- The largest amusement park and two ice rinks;

- Daily acrobatic shows, music concerts, theatrical performances;

- Winter forest, Agios Vasilis workshop and toys, Christmas Factory & Museum of Chocolate, "magic corners" and a celebratory book bazaar;

- Interactive workshops (workshop bibliophiles, Christmas crafts workshop, workshop clay, as well as workshops proper nutrition, environment, music, animation and production of gift packaging);

- Fabulous shops (Choco Street).

The cost of a ticket in the "Asterokozmos" costs 7 euros and includes a visit to the entire park (except factory and chocolate museum), unlimited participation in all games, activities and events, as well as free parking. The ticket which includes a visit to a chocolate factory and museum  will cost 9 euros.


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