“ENERGY ATHENS” Exhibition

From 10 January to 22 February 2015 an exhibition showcasing the polyphony of the artistic life of Athens will be held in Contemporary Space Athens. The exposition under the name «Energy Athens» is presented by the various exhibits of contemporary arts.

The exhibition was arranged the 5th time by the European Centre of Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies in collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design “Chicago Athenaeum “.

The exhibition will showcase a wide range of creative artists, representing various forms of art and demonstrate the new trends in contemporary Athenian art scene. One of the goals of European Center and the Chicago Athenaeum is a display of new artistic trends not only in architecture and painting, but also in the field of graphic design, fashion design, video, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry art, graffiti, street art and all forms of artistic expression with impact on the overall aesthetic culture of the society.

Opening of the exhibition will be held in the center of Athens, in the premises of the Contemporary Space,  Athens , Plaka, January 10, 2015 at 20.00.

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