Crete - a paradise for gourmets!

Way to the heart lies through the stomach! This proverb explains the love of tourists to the island of Crete and their soft spot in heart for Cretan cuisine.

As it became clear from the recent survey, which recorded the preferences of tourists visiting Crete,  the local cuisine is number one in the list.

Visitors from 25 countries noted that the Cretan cuisine is one of the main reasons why they come back to the island again and again.

In particular, the largest amounts spent, excluding the cost of the hotel and transfer are marked in restaurants (87%), in local markets (56%), transportation (55%), sightseeing (30%), nightclubs (13%) , museums and archaeological sites (11%).

Among preferences in agricultural production firstly ranks Cretan wine (45%), which is followed by orange juice, olive oil, cheese, honey, vegetables, crayfish, natural soap, Cretan rusks and herbal teas.

Following the yearly results, the percentage of tourism in Crete comes to 20% of tourism to Greece, and the number of visitors in 2014 exceeded 3.5 million.

Studies carried out by the Finance and Administrative Department of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute in cooperation with the Association of owners of hotel complexes of Chania

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