Agrotourism in Northern Greece!

Being closer to nature is the way for longevity. Therefore, agrotourism has recently become one of the hottest trends in tourism. Fresh air and moderate exercise, health food are widely recognized benefits of agro-tourism.

In a part of Halkidiki of, still untainted beauty, on the way to Mount Athos in a small town Gomati, there is located PLATANOREMA - a typical sample of a rural tourism enterprise, which combines two factors: a unique place of great natural beauty and a complex, erected here by human hands.

Here the guests can relax and observe how the Greeks take care of  livestock farming as well as their  household. Also the guests are offered the home made dishes!

Here you can learn how smells a bread, freshly baked by a smiling Greek lady, the difference between an authentic Greek salad from those that served under that name in other countries. Everything is made from eco products of local origin and production: vegetables, fruits, homemade pastries, pasta and bread. You can also buy your favorite "goodies" and take them home.

Guests of Platanorema are offered local wine under the magical sounds of bouzouki - traditional Greek musical instrument.

This agrotourism business functions all the year round. 

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