5 Tips for first-time homebuyers in Greece

Buying your first home can seem like an intimidating process. From mortgage rates to taxes to closing costs, there’s certainly a lot to consider. And because your new home will likely be the major investment of your life, it’s crucial that you educate yourself about the procedure before you get started.
The more you know about the home purchase process, the more likely you’ll be to get the home of your dreams at a price you are able to spend. That’s why we’ve brought together five tips in order to assist you to achieve your aim of homeownership.

1. Know what you want
When purchasing a residential property, you’ll have several options to take into consideration. These include traditional single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and more. Each type of property has its advantages and disadvantages, so before you move forward in the homebuying process, make sure you worked out which property type will be more suitable for you.

2. Know where you want
Just like properties have their pros and cons, so do neighborhoods. Before you start checking out properties, make a decision where you want to live and focus your efforts on that area.

3. Do you research
Get online and check the commercial prices of comparable properties in the area you’re interested in. Our web –site can help you to get an idea of what you should expect to pay.

4. Look at total monthly costs
Before you buy, you’ll want to figure out what your total monthly housing cost will be, including homeowner’s insurance and taxes. To get an idea of insurance costs, pick a property, then call a local insurance agent and ask for an estimate.

5. Figure out closing costs
It’s important not to overlook the upfront cost of settling on your home. Closing costs include, taxes, title and transition fees as well as estate agent, notary and lawyer fees.

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