Athens - main investment destination for 2015!

Athens  supposed to be amongst the leading European investment destination for 2015 with relation to the real estate market. Following the report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2015 by Pricewaterhousecoopers in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute, the five leading European real estate investment markets for 2015 will be Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Hamburg and Athens. The same survey indicates that despite the economic uncertainty in Europe, real estate remains a fruitful ground for investment, while states that internationally there is a trend towards the secondary markets and the “secondary” cities with regards to real estate market. "It's the first time that Athens, as well as overall Greece is amongst top preferences of investors worldwide. Investors approach the secondary markets trying to find investment product and this is a great expansion opportunity. It is a right momentum to ensure a stable political and social climate that will assure the  top position of Athens and Greece overall on the international arena. Athens can become one of the major metropolitan cities in Europe and the process is already started, the president of Urban Land Institute noted.

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