Rafting in Greece

Rafting in Greece - is a sport that gives you the opportunity to visit places of great natural beauty which are located in the hard-to-reach-regions.

This is a reason why the amount of people engaged in this sport activity in Greece is growing every year. Rafting became popular more than 40 years ago down the rivers of America, namely in the Grand Canyon. In Greek terminology "rafting" means mountain whitewater rafting (navigation) - in other words - the descent down the river on an inflatable boat. Capacity of boats ranges from four to twelve persons depending on the size of the boat, which is determined by the category of complexity and the level of the river water. There is always the head of the group in the boat which gives the necessary instructions in order to avoid natural obstacles that may be on the way. You should always follow safety rules while rafting, as in any sport, due to the fact that rafting has a certain degree of risk.

Rafting season in Greece usually lasts from October to June. But the river Loussios allows rafting all year round. The most "popular" period is  from December to March.

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