Ski resort sunny Greece

Currently  extreme sports in Greece gain more and more popularity.  It is rafting, kayaks and safaris during the season and ski in winter. Every year there are more and more ski resorts where you can relish and dash off on skis and just relax in the mountains covered with snow.  It can snowballs "battle", a snowmen modeling or just walking through the snow-covered expanses ... For beginners it is the first steps on the ski zone and a funny fall and for professionals it is a delight frosty air and the rate of descent on steep pistes.

Due to the fact of existence of lots of people  with different possibilities, ski resorts offer equally with recreational skiing the trails of varying difficulty as well. For example, "arharion" - the trail for beginners (marked in green) usually reaches up to 200 meters, "Paradisos" - blue (usually within 800 meters), red - "Aristotelis" - reaches 1,800 meters and the "black "route is designed for professionals.

The most famous of Greek ski resorts and a favorite vacation spot of the Athenians, the mountain massif  Parnassos  is located 180 km away from Athens . Construction of ski center here was begun in 1975 and was successfully completed the following year.

The highest point of the resort - 2,260 meters, and the lower station is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level with a vertical drop of 600 meters. Parnassos ski center has 20 slopes with a total length of 14 kilometers, 38% of which are for beginners, 42% intermediate and 20% - complex. Ski season lasts from December to April.

Parnassos ski resort is a popular meeting place for prominent figures of Greek art and culture.

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