Marked increase in overnight stays in Greece

In accordance to the estimation by the Statistics Office of the European Union (Eurostat) published in news media, Greece recorded 98.3 million overnight stays in tourist accommodations throughout 2014, there 77.3 million  were made by foreign guests and 21 million by local residents.

In comparison with previous years there was registered the fourth major increase in overnight stays in Greece after with 6.9 pct, after Latvia (11.1 pct), Belgium (7.2 pct) and Portugal (7.1 pct).

Greece’s northern Capital Thessaloniki registered a 17,78 percent increase in overnight stays during the period January-August 2014.

The islands like Cyprus and Malta are on the highest positions in the list of overnight stays from overseas visitors with 94 pct and 96 pct accordingly. The next countries in the list are Croatia with 92 pct, Luxembourg with 88 pct and Greece with 79 pct.

As was announced earlier by Thessaloniki Hotels Associatio the overnight stays of foreign guests and local residents were very close in numbers.  During the first eight months of 2014 the number of registered nights spent by foreign tourists at Thessaloniki increased by 21.18 percent to 651,148. Overnight stays by locals at hotels 651,199 (14,73 percent increase).

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