Mega projects in Peloponnese and Crete

Decision on two investment project with a budget of 700 million Euros, which will pave the way for the biggest in the history of Greece tour programs, is currently expected to be entered into force.

Crete and Peloponnese were chosen as the best location for the implementation of two large-scale projects.

In the northeast of Peloponnese was designed a unique project «Kilada Hills», which will consist of a luxury complex of 208 hectares in Ermionida. It will include 320 of the mansion, 100 villas and 28 summer residences, hotels with 300 rooms, a spa and a beach club. Also, there will be a golf course area of 77 hectares located in the complex. The calculated project cost is about 418 million Euros. Construction of most of the properties will be undertaken by the MindCompass Overseas Ltd company- a subsidiary of the German Dolphin Capital Investors.
The second project, «Itanos Gaia» will be developed on the north-east of Crete, it will include five hotels and a golf course. Investment project cost is 267.7 million Euros and upon its completion there will be ability to provide about 1,200 work positions.
As the Minister of Development of Greece, Nikos Mitarakis underlined, there are expected major changes expect in a positive way for the development of the country for foreign investors and the two grandiose projects illustrate this. The next step is to present to Parliament a new law of development for the programming period 2014-2020. "Currently, Greece is changing and will change for the better" - added Mr. Mitarakis.

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