Rare Mycenaean burial was found in Amfissa

Not plundered Mycenaean domed burial was found near Amfissa. The burials of this type are rare in Central Greece and will be able to provide important information about the topography of the area, the population which inhabited the area in the 2nd millennium BC, funeral rituals, etc..

According to preliminary estimates, the tomb has been used for more than two centuries, from the XIII to the XI centuries BC.

A large quantity of bone material, as well as valuable exhibits - vases, amphoras for storing essential oils, statues, bronze objects (spear, sword and cup), a large amount of jewelry made of bronze and one gold ring engraved with decoration, as well as necklace of semi-precious and precious stones, on which are engraved scenes with animals were found in the burial chamber.

Full scientific study will be executed by a team of archaeologists and is expected to provide much new information regarding the archaeological and historical development of the region.

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