Piraeus Sightseeing attractions

Piraeus is the largest port not only in Greece, but in the whole Mediterranean. From here, the big cruise ships and ferries sail to the islands in the Aegean Sea. The center of navigation, as well as both industrial and transportation junction of the country offers to visitors the  excellent opportunities for recreation: clean sea, equipped beaches, modern hotels and plantations of fruit trees. In addition, there are city of Piraeus is something to see.

Municipal Gallery has a collection of sculptures and works of George Kastriotis, popular Greek artists. Also, the building houses theatrical costumes, personal items and photos transferred to the gallery by Greek actor Manos Katrakis.

Kastela hill overlooks the harbor and is the highest point of the city. It offers beautiful panoramic views of the beaches, seascapes, typical Greek buildings, which lay between the narrow streets.

Greek Maritime Museum shows thousands of ancient and modern artifacts associated with the development of shipping in Greece. These are different types of navigation equipment, pictures and models of ships, flags and maps. In addition, the museum displays a fragment of a wall built around Piraeus in the 5th century BC.

Harbor Passalimani or Zea famous because of one of Europe's largest yacht marinas situated there. Here  you can admire the beautiful and expensive yachts,  have a ride on one of the high-speed vessels "Flying Dolphins" and enjoy the sea views, sitting on the verandas of one of the local taverns, where you can enjoy unusually tasty cooked seafood .

The Archaeological Museum exhibits a large collection of bronze statues of the 4th century BC, unique sculptures and reliefs, funerary ritual objects. Here you can see pottery found during excavations in Piraeus and Athens. Near the museum there are the ruins of the ancient theater.

Stadium "Karaiskaki" –   a domestic football field of the "Olympiakos" club, painted in red and white colors. Sports arena existed in the late 19th century during the first modern Olympic Games. Half a century later it was reconstructed  and actively used in the future, including the Olympic Games 2004.

Elijah's Hill - another hill of Piraeus. This is not only a beautiful view of the surrounding area, but also there situated is a beautiful church of the same name.

Piraeus City Theatre pleases audiences with the colorful productions and performances during the cold season, and during the summer concerts and festivals take place in the theater Castello.

While visiting Piraeus, be prepared to a sea voyage on a ferry or boat to the Saronic islands. So you can not only enjoy the expanse of water, but also to see the sights of the islands. The largest of these, the island of Salamina, known for the greatest battle of antiquity, in which the Greeks defeated the Persian fleet. In addition, Salamina is the birthplace of the great Greek heroes of Ajax and Euripides. Very attractive for guests in Greece is also considered an island with perfect environment Hydra.

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