Increased demand for real estate in Attica

Third-country nationals wishing to obtain a residence permit, when buying property in Greece prefer residential real estate, mostly situated in Athens. According to information provided by the Ministry of the Interior, the most attractive destination is Attica, namely coastal regions, and the complex of municipalities in Mesogiya.
Based on the latest data, there were issued 504 residence permits, given that when buying a property, you can get more than one residence permit. In Attica was issued 250 residence permits (110 in the municipality of Pallini, 85 in Athens and 65 in Pireas), 110 in Crete (50 in the city of Chania, 15 in Heraklion, 12 in Rethymnon and 25 in Agios Nikolaos), 50 in the Municipality of Polygyros Chalkidiki, 20 on the Cyclades, 14 on Rhodes island, 40 in the Ionian Islands (mainly on Corfu) and 20 in the Peloponnese.
The main buyers are citizens of Russia, China and Egypt.

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