Active promotion of Greece on the Russian market

A few days ago passed an interview with the Minister of Tourism of Greece Elena Kundura. According to her statement  this year tourist season will be stable. "I believe that we can have very good cooperation, and we can build a better future", - said the minister. In her estimation, tourism from Russia to Greece in recent years grew very fast. "I am extremely happy that we have a significant exposition in this exhibition. We are trying to promote Greece in the most effective manner. The Russians are very fond of Greece, they are real perfect tourists. I think that this exhibition will help a lot to promote tourism," - the Minister noticed. Following the statement of the Minister tour operators are ready to cooperate with Greece.

Talking about the attraction of Russian citizens and visas, the Minister noted that the Greek consulate in Russia is a "champion for visa issuance and speed of issuance."

"Greece is really charming country. We have most attractive tourist packages. The tourists who come once to visit the country and see the Greek hospitality, come back again and again. And the best advertisement when people transfer information to each other. We try to show all the beauty of Greece, related to its history, culture, and the Olympic idea. This kind of tactics really helps the development. We promote a package of tourism services, which is associated with quality and are increasingly in demand. This makes us one of the main directions in tourism, "- says Kundura.

The minister answered to the asked question whether tourism had an impact on the real estate purchase in Greece, the Minister answered that made major investment were done, and the government is welcomes this. "For us it is very important when the tourist product it leads to this. In Greece, there is a law that allows Russian citizen, who have invested in Greece and has bought real estate at the price more than 250 thousand euros is entitled to obtain a residence permit. Due to this fact there are a lot of Russians who want to exercise professional activity in Greece and invest, "- said Kundura. "Greece  is a very attractive market. It is a region where you can make a very good investment, and gradually it will develop," - said the head of department.

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