10th International Marathon "Alexander the Great"

The 10th jubilee International Marathon "Alexander the Great" from Pella – Thessaloniki, connecting the ancient and modern capital of Macedonia will be held on the 5th of April, 2015. In parallel, the races will be held to the 5 and 10 km, which is open to all comers. In addition, there will be held races at 1 km for primary school students, dedicated to the environment protection.

Marathon runners will start from the monument to Alexander the Great in Pella, the birthplace of Alexander. The route has a low degree of complexity. Key features - small height differences, long, straight distance and limited residential areas until the 30th kilometer. The track is ideal for records and high performance.

First International Marathon "Alexander the Great" was held on April 16, 2006. Since then, it is the second largest and mass international event in the country and the largest in Northern Greece, recognized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS), the European Association of Athletics (ΕΑΑ) and the National Federation of Athletics (SEGAS).

In parallel with the sporting events the program includes a variety of recreational activities.

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