Greek Easter customs in the House of Angeliki Hadzimihali

Greek Easter tradition will be presented  from 4 to 19 April 2015 at the exhibition "Greek Easter customs in the House Angeliki Hadzimihali." The exhibition is organized by the  Culture, Youth and Sports organisation of the Municipality of Athens in collaboration with the Centre for the study of Greek folklore of Athens Academy and the Lyceum of Greek women as part of "Easter in Athens 2015" at the Museum of Folk Art and Traditions "Angeliki Hadzimihali."

The exhibition presents one of the most important symbols of the Resurrection and Easter - Easter eggs decorated with various techniques and colors, as well as traditional Easter clothing such as Lazarines of Kozani and NIFI (Bride) from Megara, which are accompanied by photographs and information material on the subject of Greek Easter customs.

In addition, the exhibition plays a number of practices, such as the preparation and staining of red eggs and others.

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